Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Angry Birds: Update and Statistics

Angry Birds Update (2012) Best Popular Arcade Game, 4.5 Stars

Angry Birds Update
Angry Birds great app, but we do not have to go further, everyone knows it already. Let's talk about the update and statistics!

Actually it's not normal. Angry Birds is currently more than 1 billion times downloaded! Angry Birds made earlier $ 75.4 million sales, 48 million of this was profit for the company.

Celebration of Angry Birds Video (HD)

In the last update, there are a number of things to arrived, such as: Bad Piggies and Star Wars theme. You will find the Bad Piggies-levels as a separate chapter for Surf 'n Turf in the game, and it is not the last update we should expect about Bad Piggies.

After the first Bad Piggies update you can already play fifteen levels, thirty extra levels coming soon. The Bad Piggies-levels are characterized by the same dark blue-green color theme as the cast loose game, but the vehicles that you can build it is only hinted.

Angry Birds on the iPhone 5 pieces sharper. The birds and pigs have gotten clearer black lines and the environments of the new themes are also sharper than before.

The new update is available on the App Store and Android (Google Play) store.

iPhone: $ 0.99, download Angry Birds here
iPad: $0.99download Angry Birds here
iPod Touch: $0.99download Angry Birds here
Android (Google Play): Free, download Angry Birds free here

Angry Birds Update Bad-Piggies Video (HD)


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