Monday, February 27, 2012

Infect Them All: Popular Addictive Game

Infect Them All (2012) Very Addictive Game App, 4.5 Stars

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Infect Them All is a very popular game from 2011 Apps. With already 1 million downloads for Infect Them All. 1 million people Addictive to Infect Them All. That all can't be wrong! Certainly worth to downloading it.

it's available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and the  price is $0.99. Unfortunately is Infect Them All not available for the Android.

Infect Them All is a game that makes zombie world, by infecting and eating people. The zombies who you infected make more and more zombies. There are 5 types of playable zombies, 23 types of enemies.

What's new in the latest update
They've made 'Infect Them All: Vampires' now available.

Very Good Rating About 4.5 Stars

Where it is known for/ Right sides/ Plus information
There are 5 types of playable zombies, 23 types of enemies
Survival mode aims, for how long you can survive
Huge battle shows more than 200 units!
High Score, Game Center

iPhone: $0.99 Download Infect Them All Here

iPad: $0.99 Download Infect Them All Here
iPod Touch: $0.99 Download Infect Them All Here
Android: Not Available yet

Infect Them All GamePlay Review


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