Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reckless Getaway: iPhone Popular addictive game App

Reckless Getaway (2012) Game App of the Month, 4.5 stars

Reckless Getaway iPhone 4S screenshot
Reckless Getaway is an incredible addictive game that normally cost $ 2.99 but now for $ 0.99! The game is very famous and was temporarily in the top 25 Apps. Reckless Getaway is also in our top 10 game apps. The game was recently released on the Android Market (Google Play). The price is $ 1.99 for Android (Google Play). Android version is almost the same sound as graphics for iOS.

In the game you are a bank robber, after a robbery you should get away with a getaway car. This is a race of life and death at the hands of the police to stay where you must dodge oncoming traffic and not too much to clash.

A total of sixteen lives, where you can unlock new tracks as you play better. There are quite a few power-ups to earn throughout the game, and you many tricks. If you start you can choose the Getaway or Wreckless game mode, where the first primarily tactical escape and the second game mode the aim is to cumbersome to drive and hit everything. There is also global leadership boards, so you can compare scores with others.

What's new in the latest update
The iPhone 4S now uses retina display and there is a anti aliasing enabled for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.
And lastly it's a bit easier to destroy heavy trucks in 'Wreckless' mode.

This game is highly rated in the App Store and Android (Google Play), both has an average star of 4.5. 

Bad sides
The game has unfortunately not many levels and the game should be something more severe in terms of levels. You play this game pretty quickly, and that's a shame of course.

Right sides/ Plus information
 Very addictive arcade game
There is a "Game Center" available to share your score
A total of sixteen levels and recommended by us!
Worldwide it was temporarily in top 25 best paid apps

iPhone: $ 0.99 Download Reckless Getaway here
iPad: $ 0.99 Download Reckless Getaway here
iPod Touch: $ 0.99 Download Reckless Getaway here
Android: $ 1.99 Download Reckless Getaway here

 Reckless Getaway GamePlay (HD)


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