Sunday, November 6, 2011

TapDefense: Nominated One Of The Top Free Apps

TapDefens Nominated for one of the top free apps on the 'Bestappever Awards', 4.5 Stars

TapDefens: iPhone Screenshot TapDefense is a great free strategy game. According to the customers "One of the best iPhone games". It is a free game, which has already long been on the App Store is.

It is a really typical old PC game, that's really fun to play again. So you should try to defend your castle against enemies, to build bombers and rangers at a smart places. At the beginning it is quite easy, but after level 30 it is really becoming difficult. You'll probably like it, but if no, just remove the game, it's free anyway.

Right sides/ Plus information
Great addictive game, you get the old school feeling back!
With six different tower levels, you'll be entertained for hours.
There are zeven enemy types, with up to 42 levels.

TapDefense is highly rated in the App Store, an average of 4.5 stars.
Bad appreciated for Android (Google Play), with an average score of 3.4.

iPhone: Free Download TapDefens free here.
iPad: Free Download TapDefens free here.
iPod touch: Free Download TapDefens free here.

Android (Google Play): Free  Download TapDefens free here.

TapDefens iPhone GamePlay Review


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