Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Icebreaker Hockey: New Game on App Store

Icebreaker Hockey (2011) New Game on the Apps Store, 4.5 Stars

iPhone Screenshot 4Icebreaker Hockey is a new addictive Game, from the makers of the million selling hit Backbreaker. Icebreaker Hockey has a good rating 4.5 star. It's for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for a reasonable cheap price $0.99, and for the Android unfortunately more expensive $2.99. Watch the trailer in HD quality (1080p) Bottom of the page.

Very Good Rating About 4.5 Stars

Dodging and skating past players on a mission to take you down.
Amazing visuals: developed by Digital Legends, Icebreaker Hockey pulls out all the stops in high-end iOS gaming.
Slick Movies: skate down the rink using the accelerometer. Spin and deke past opposing players for extra points. Sprint to storm forwards, or perform a hard stop to send your enemies into the wall.
Hours of GamePlay: introduces 50 original waves divided into 10 ever-tougher challenges.
Online: you can also play online vs your friends.
Adjust: and you can aslo choose your team and invent your stick name.

iPhone: $0.99 Buy Icebreaker Hockey Here 
iPad: $0.99 Buy Icebreaker Hockey Here
iPod Touch: $0.99 Buy Icebreaker Hockey Here
Android: $2.99 Buy Icebreaker Hockey Here

Icebreaker Hockey GamePlay (HD)


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