Friday, November 11, 2011

GlassPong: Free Popular Game

GlassPong (2011) Already 4.000.000 Downloads Worldwide!

iPhone Screenshot 1GlassPong is a Free app that has been downloaded 4 million times, that sounds not wrong. This game is a big hit in many countries such as: Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, England, Canada, Sweden and Turkey Reached the 1# Spot!

Put your finger on the display (iPhone, iPod Toch, iPad or Android) and throw the ball in the bucket. It may sound easy, but believe me it is not, and of course you need to try to get the highest score!

★ More then 4 million downloads worldwide!
★ Get the highest score!
★ Enjoy!

Very Good Rating About 4.5 Stars

iPhone: Free Download GlassPong Free Here
iPad: Free Download GlassPong Free Here
iPod Toch: Free Download GlassPong Free Here
Android: Free Download GlassPong Free Here

GlassPong GamePlay (HD) 720p


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