Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rat On A Snowboard: "iOS Game of the day"

Rat On A Snowboard (2012) New addictive game on the iPhone, 4.5 Stars

iPhone Screenshot 3Rat On A Snowboard has reached the number 1 spot in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It's very attractive in Scandinavian countries. According to MacWorld "iOS Game of the day", the game is especially addictive, because you always want to break your highest score, like Temple Run. It's a paid app, price $0.99. And small file size, 9 MB.

Currently only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Soon also for the Android (Google Play).

There are 3 game modes, the first is ''Speedy Slopes'' a game where the levels are built on site and as far as you need to find out. The next one is ''Exploding Meatballs'' (the word say it already) is a variant which falling meatballs from the sky. The last one is ''Challenges'' you should try to get the maximum 3 stars, with 30 crafted tracks to master.

Very Good Rating About 4.5 Stars

Where it is known for / right sides
Global High Scores: Submit your scores online.
3 Game modes (above described).
Ranked in the ''Top 50 Games USA''.

iPhone: $0.99 Download Rat On A Snowboard here.
iPad: $0.99 Download Rat On A Snowboard here.
iPod Touch: $0.99 Download Rat On A Snowboard here.

Rat On A SnowBoard GamePlay (HD) Un-English


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