Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift: Christmas Time!

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (2012) Christmas free iPhone and Android App!

Cut the Rope - Holiday Gift
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift: Om Nom has a Christmas present for all fans of Cut the Rope. Because the original game Cut the Rope, so often played and has a excellent rating, that's why they have done a great new Christmas versionWhat's all changed from the Original: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift has 25 new levels, a Christmas tree in the background and you hear a Christmas music, when you're playing!

Secret trick, the funny thing is when you open the App and start shaking you'll see the snow falling.


The game works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Unfortunately is Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift removed from Android (Google Play) store.


Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift has a very good rating, an average star of 4.5 on the App Store.

Where it is known for/ Right sides/ Plus information

The original has been played over 55 million times!
Fun to play, and especially with Christmas
Free to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


iPhone: Free, download Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift free here
iPad: Free, download Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift free here
iPod touch: Free, download Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift free here
Android (Google Play): Not available yet

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift GamePlay (HD)


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