Monday, April 23, 2012

Mega Jump: "Incredibly addictive" Game App

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Mega Jump: "Incredibly addictive" Game App
This popular game is now for free, thanks to OpenFeint. Mega Jump had previously been found in the top 25 paid apps and was a featured application. As part of Mega Jump OpenFeint you at one time linked to the largest game network that is currently available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices (Google Play). This application therefore has everything what a game needs, normally it costs, $0.99, but now for free!

Mega Jump is currently played by more than 18 million players world wide. Already millions of "Mega Jump" addicts, the game is just crazy addictive.

Mega Jump is well rated for iOS, with an average of 4 stars and highly scored for Android (Google Play) 4.5 stars.


Mega Jump is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with 3.0 or later. Recently also for Android (Google Play) device with version 2.2 or later.


Mega Jump is a game where you jump as high as possible. During the jump you will collect bonuses, giving you even greater hit. You should be as long as possible to stay in the air.

But it is not easy! You fly with a red monster (or other samples). During the jump, you collect as many coins as possible. With these coins you fly higher and the goal is to get to the top. You must try to earn 3000 points for level 2. Then level 3, there you need 4500 points. The last level is 20 there you need 15.000 points. And for each level you get around the 75 points (depends on how higer you go) Enjoy the game!

What's new in the latest update

You can get free 'MP' by watching videos, new backgrounds and bugs are fixed.

Bad sides

There are also less pleasant sides to the game. You can annoy the annoying music (just sound off). And there are unfortunately too little levels, you get finished quickly

Right sides/ Plus information

Try to grab the 'Fireball and Supernova' for high speed
Currently more than 18 million players worldwide!
Available for iOS and Android (Google Play) for free
Currently for a long time in the 'top 25'
It's just incredibly addictive (very, very, very and very addictive!)


iPhone/iPad: $ 0.99 free, download Mega Jump
Android: free, download Mega Jump


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