Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Temple Run: Popular Free iPhone Game

Temple Run (2012) In the top free iPhone & Android Apps, 5 Stars

The popular game 'Temple Run' is already more then 40 million times downloaded world wide. This game was first a paid app, but has now become for free. 'Temple Run' is also ranked (for a long time already) in the top 50 best apps. What makes this game so addictive is that you always want to have a higher score. And before you know you're an hour away.

Temple Run is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 3.0 or later) and Android device (Google Play).

In the game you'll be chased by monkeys in the jungle. You should try to avoid obstacles by jumping or sliding. And you have to try to get as far as you can, to get a higher score. It's a simple game, but how further you go, the more difficult it is.

Temple Run is highly rated in the App Store, an average of 5 stars.
Also highly appreciated in the Android Market (Google Play), an average score of 4.7.

What's New in the latest update
They have fixed some bugs. There are 2 new characters, like ''Zack Miracle'' and ''Francisco Montoya''. And there are 3 new wallpapers available like Temple Wall, Guy Dangerous and the Evil Demon Monkeys.

Where it is known for/ Right sides/ Plus information
Extremely addictive and a very popular game!
Already more than 40 million times downloaded world wide!
Collect coins to unlock 5 Powerups, 3 Utilities and 3 wallpapers.
You can also play the game as 7 other characters, costs 10,000 coins.
Free for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android Devices.
Try to beat the highest score.

iPhone screenshot

iPhone: Free Download Temple Run free here
iPad: Free Download Temple Run free here
iPod touch: Free Download Temple Run free here
Android: Free Download Temple Run free here

Temple Run Gameplay on an iPad (HD) 720p


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