Monday, July 16, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man AR: Great iPhone & Android (Google Play) Game App

The Amazing Spider-Man AR (2012) Already in the top 25 best iPhone Apps, 4.5 stars

The Amazing Spider-Man AR Screenshot (iPhone 4S)The Amazing Spider Man movie is now running in theaters, so Gameloft has immediately made ​​a game App for the iPhone, iPad , iPod touch and Android (Google Play).

If you've already seen the movie, you know that it is happening in New York City, so Gameloft has made great 3D streets, buildings and cars. It looks really great!

The Amazing Spider-Man AR Screenshot (iPhone 4S)
You start in the area around Times Square. As you progress you have also access to Central Park and Oscorp Building. So it take a little bit time to go from Oscorp Building to Central Park. What we like in the game is that you can freely swing around the city of New York. As if you really are in New York City!

What you have to do is dealing with criminals and green reptiles. When you defeat enemies, you will receive XP (Experience Points)if you have earned enough points, you will go to the next level and can update your skills. Also you earn in game money, Also you earn in game money, which you can buy health potions and a black spiderman suit.

The Amazing Spider-Man AR Screenshot (iPhone 4S)

The game is highly rated in the App Store and Google Play with an average star of 4.5. According to recent reviews ''Cool game, especially on the iPad. Only you have to get used to the controls.'' The price is not cheap, it costs $ 6.99 for both (App Store and Android (Google Play).

Where it is known for/ Right sides/ Plus information 
★ Swinging through New York City gives a Spider- man feeling, really great is that!
★ Many different types of missions.
★ The official Spider-man soundtrack.
★ Streets, cars, people and buildings are made ​​very impressive, it seems so real.

The Amazing Spider-Man AR Screenshot (iPhone 4S)
The Amazing Spider-Man AR screenshot

iPhone: $6.99 Download The Amazing Spider-Man AR here.
iPad: $6.99 Download The Amazing Spider-Man AR here.
iPod touch: $6.99 Download The Amazing Spider-Man AR here.
Android (Google Play): $6.99 Download The Amazing Spider-Man AR here.


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