Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GO SMS Pro: Free Messenger for Android

GO SMS Pro (2012) Great Free Messenger App for Android (Google Play), 4.5 stars

Freedom of your messages, GO SMS Pro is an free Android (Google Play) app, which provide you to message convenient and fast to other users. It is a new and quite familiar app in the USA. You can compare it with WhatsAppKik Messenger and of course Handcent. GO SMS Pro has many opportunities, like: SMS backup, privacy mode, data encryption and Emoji support. You are free to change the background theme and new features which exist. Where Go SMS Pro also known for is the amazing 3D design, you scroll easily from left to right. We can certainly say that Go SMS Pro is definitely recommended for all Android (Google Play) users.

Go SMS Pro is available for Android (Google Play) device, with 1.6 or later. This app has an average score of 4.5 of the 500,000 users who voted. The size also makes it good, 7 MB in size.

Android (Google Play): free Download GO SMS Pro free here

GO SMS Pro video


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