Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5: Finally the iPhone 5 has been released!

iPhone 5 (2012) Bigger iPhone 5, New earphones, iOS 6, 4-inch screen, faster and more! 

What is all new in the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 
Apple announced an iPhone 5 that as of September 21 in stores. The new iPhone 5 is equipped with 4-inch screen, an improved camera with panoramic mode and a faster A6 processor.
iPhone 5 EarPots (EarPods)
The iPhone 5 new earphones. Apple today announced new earphones with the name EarPots (EarPods). They are included in today announced iPhone 5. The earphones (EarPods) are already available in the Apple Store and costs $ 29 and € 29.
iPhone 5 Camera 
The camera has been improved and has 8 megapixels for photos of 3264 by 2448 pixels.

Apple also has a number of changes to the quality of photo enhancement. The camera should perform better in dark situations faster photos taken and would be less affected when users should have movement.
iPhone 5 Battery
The battery has been improved so that the battery life is prolonged compared to the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Connector
As expected, the port on the bottom of the iPhone 5 adjusted. The connector had since 2003 the same size, but is now much smaller. The new connector called Lightning. Sustainability would have gone up. Also, the power of such a charger upside used. Previously, the connector only one way.

iPhone 5 Siri
Besides movies and sports, according to Apple Siri knows more about restaurants. Prices, reviews, address and the number of free tables at once to see.

iPhone 5 Facebook
Facebook is now also integrated into Siri voice so that updates can be sent. The social network is in more places in the system processes.

iPhone 5 News
The press conference of Apple is still busy. This message is therefore constantly supplemented at iAppsclub.


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