Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to promote your Apps for free

Promote Your Apps: Promote your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android apps

Step 1
You're an app developer. You have created an app and post it on the App Store or (and) Android (Google Play) market. But few downloads, or unknown and no downloads yet.

How do i solve it? How do I get more downloads? 

Write a unique review about your application with some screenshots (a well described review). Link to a YouTube video is always good, but not required. Send the review of your app to submitapp@live.com or a message to our contact form, which can be found on this page.

A unique review! Not the same review on the App Store or Android (Google Play) market. A well described text-review, which is not previously used.

Step 2
We view the message that you sent us and places within one day on our website. If at least meets the condition, what is told in step 1.

We get daily app review requests. It may take longer than one day.

Step 3
Approved. If your app get on our site, that means immediately thousand iOS and Android users seeing your app. 

This all is of course completely free.

Contact form: click here

If you have any other questions, let us know, comments below!



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