Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weird But True: App gone free

Weird But True (2012) Apple app of the week, 3.5 stars

Weird But True logoThis great app Weird But True is Apple's App of the Week. This means the app can be downloaded for free, only this week. Weird But True shows interesting facts. Facts like, 'Cheetahs can change direction in midair when chasing prey and a bat can eat 3,000 insects in one night.' Anyway interesting to know. By swiping across the screen or shake your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device, it shows a new image with a fact. Buttons on the right allow you to put a fact in your favorite list. It is also possible to share fun facts with your friends. 

Weird But True costs normally $ 1.99 and is 75.8 MB in size. Weird but Treu is made by National Geographic.

Weird But True screenshot

iPhone: $ 1.99 Free, download Weird But True free here
iPad: $ 1.99 Free, download Weird But True free here
iPod touch: $ 1.99 Free, download Weird But True free here
Android (Google Play): Not available yet

Weird But True video (HD)


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