Sunday, November 11, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars: Review

Angry Birds Star Wars (2012) Completely different and much nicer!

Angry Birds Star Wars logoThe basis of Angry Birds Star Wars is unchanged, only the decoration is really changed, and looks amazing. Whether the birds now like fires or they would rather with a slingshot, it can not be denied that developer Rovio really in every possible way to get everything from Angry Birds. The variations are fun, but the novelty is fast. 

Gameplay and story
It changes nothing essential to the gameplay and the makeover of the birds seemed the same. That the levels of the films follow the story, provides some nice variation. In the space levels you come sometimes moving tiefighters against, interspersed with defensive tanks.

In the levels on the planet you will met 'Stormtrooper-pigs' or Sand People. It's just what happens in the movie. Sometimes it is recognizable, sometimes far-fetched, but it is technically possible to the game while running the movies to play on your own 'second screen'.

Also 'Darth Vader' as pig works surprisingly well, but in the current levels you see him seldom. 

Angry Birds Star Wars costs like the other parts of Angry Birds, just  $ 0.99. It can be downloaded on the App Store with iOS 4.3 or later. Free on Android (Google Play) store with required version 2.2 or later. The HD version for tablets costs $ 2.99 for both. 

Angry Birds Star Wars screenshot

Angry Birds Star Wars screenshot
Angry Birds Star Wars is highly valued for both platforms. With an average rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store and a big 5 on the Android (Google Play) store!

iPhone: $ 0.99, download Angry Birds Star Wars here
iPad: $ 2.99, download Angry Birds Star Wars HD here
iPod touch: $ 0.99, download Angry Birds Star Wars here
Android (Google Play): free, download Angry Birds Star Wars free here
Android (Google Play) HD: $ 2.99, download Angry Birds Star Wars HD here

Angry Birds Star Wars GamePlay Video (HD)


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