Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video Time Machine: App Gone Free

Video Time Machine (2012) Expensive app temporarily for free, 4 stars

With Video Time Machine lets you watch videos from 1950 to 2012. The app contains more than 20,000 videos. You can search by year, but also by category. So you can choose to watch sports clips from 2012, films from the 50s or like music videos from 1920. Video Time Machine costs normally $ 2.99, only today for free. So, great app for movie addicts and especially now, because it's free!

Video Time Machine Screenshot

The app supports thanks to the latest update, iPhone 5 and iPad Retina. Video Time Machine is more than 5000 times downloaded and has an average rating of 4 stars on the App Store. 

iPhone: $ 2.99 Free, download Video Time Machine free here
iPad: $ 2.99 Free, download Video Time Machine free here
iPod touch: $ 2.99 Free, download Video Time Machine free here
Android (Google Play): Not available yet

Video Time Machine (HD) 


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