Saturday, December 29, 2012

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas day 3

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas (2012 - 2013) Geomaster and Sherlock, day 3

Itunes: 12 Days of Christmas day 3

Itunes: 12 Days of Christmas day 3

The third day of the annual app iTunes 12 Days of Christmas there is finally some more variety between different iTunes countries. In the USA, UK, Asia and East European countries, be able to download season 1 of Sherlock and an episode of the hit TV show from BBC for free. In all other countries, you can download Geomaster for free.


Geomaster, is an educational app with different puzzle games. This educational app costs normally $ 0.99 in the App Store and is 68 MB in size. Geomaster is meant for children but also for adults. Because it is always good to improve your topography knowledge. The game includes a total of 14 challenges, achievements and leaderboards.


Germany: TV-episode of Sherlock: Free Folge 1 - Ein Fall von Pink
France: TV-episode of Sherlock: Free  Une ├ętude en rose
England TV episode of Sherlock: Free A Study In Pink
Canada: TV-episode of Sherlock: Free A Study In Pink (English or French)

Other countries: puzzle game: Free Geomaster and Geomaster Plus HD 

TV-episode of Sherlock


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