Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Most used iOS & Android App

WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook or Wordfeud? (2012)

Most used iOS and Android apps

Most used app of 2012

WhatsApp is the most used app under smartphone and tablet ownersThe app ends above Facebook and puzzle game Wordfeud.  

According to a survey by TNS Nipo, the results appeared online. Among 1,100 smartphone and tablet users which apps are being used, how often the browser is being used and what kind of wireless connection is being used. The results show that WhatsApp the most used application, followed respectively by Facebook, puzzle game Wordfeud and Twitter.

Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone or Tablet
While tablets are popular, are smartphones still the most used for playing apps and browsing the web. Users spend a day 42 minutes on smartphones, compared to 22 minutes on tablets.

It also appears that many users are using more apps than of browsing on the web on their tablet or smartphone device. They spend 95 percent of their time with their mobile or tablet apps, and 5 percent on the web.

WiFi or 3G

It shows that WiFi currently more popular is than 3G. Tablet and smartphone owners surfing in 60 percent of cases via wifi, 3G is used for 40 percent.


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