Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photuzzle Android App Review


Photuzzle - New Android puzzle Game; 4 stars 

Photuzzle is an engaging puzzle game that let's you turn your own photos in puzzles. A flexible set of options makes for good variety in the gameplay. First, the player browses for the photo they would like to use as a puzzle. You can choose any photo or image you have saved on your device. If you don't have many images, there is also a library of photos you can use instead of your own. 


Second, you choose how many pieces you would like the puzzle to be. With this, you can make your puzzle very easy or very challenging.

There are 8 levels of difficulty. The lowest level, 5-10 pieces, is great for kids or very casual players. The expert level, 80 pieces, is not for the faint of heart! I prefer the intermediate, 40 pieces. Third, the player chooses the type of puzzle. This can be jigsaw or slider. If you'd like to race against the clock, there are also timed and un-timed modes.


Warning: slider puzzles with a lot of pieces are very challenging! Here's one feature I really love. If you're in the middle of a puzzle and have to stop, you can save your progress and continue it later. 

Anyway, Photuzzle is a lot of fun. It makes it easy to set up custom puzzles and plenty of options allow for tons of possibilities.



iPhone/iPod touch: Not available yet
Android: Free, download Photuzzle free here


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