Friday, December 28, 2012

Score! Classic Goals: App Gone Free! Available for Android

Score! Classic Goals Android app

Score! Classic Goals available for Android too

For football fans is Score! Classic Goals a must-have game app. It's an amazing fun game, from developer First Touch. The game contains hundreds of goals, which are made in real life. All these great goals can you play step by step. You control the direction of their passes and shots. So it is intended that you gives right passes, by swiping with your finger on the screen.

Score! Classic Goals free 

The football game is only available for free until 12 o'clock at night. Score! Classic Goals works for on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or later and Android (Google Play) devices.

Score! Classic Goals Android

Developer First Touch are working hard to make this game also availabe for Android - Google Play devices. Release date will be upcoming summer. Of course, we will immediately mention this on our site, when the game becomes available for Android. Some more patience.

Update: developer First Touch posted the game running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. This indicates that it's coming!


iPhone: $0.99 Free, download Score! Classic Goals free here
iPad: $0.99 Free, download Score! Classic Goals free here
iPod touch: $0.99 Free, download Score! Classic Goals free here
Android (Google Play): Free, download Score! Classic Goals/Score! World Goals free here


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