Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where's My Holiday? New Christmas App

Where's My Holiday? (2012) The free Christmas version of Where's My Water?

Where's My Holiday? Wallpaper

Where's My Holiday? logoWhere's My Holiday? This Christmas version of the famous puzzle game has twelve unique free levels, which should give you an idea of what exactly you can get in the paid version. These levels are completely new and are made especially for Where's My Holiday. So you can expect 12 fun Christmas levels.

Where's My Holiday? Chirstmas special

In Where's My Holiday? are six levels based on Where's My Water. The other six levels are based on Phineas & Ferb variant of Where's My Perry? All twelve are wrapped in a Christmas theme, so that you have to deal with weeds in the form of a large tree. 


Disney has clearly looked at what the rivals offers in the App Store. Among others, Cut the Rope offer a while ago a free Christmas version, which you could play some unique Christmas levels.

Where's My Holiday? screenshotWhere's My Holiday? screenshot


iPhone: Free, download Where's My Holiday? free here
iPad: Free, download Where's My Holiday? free here
iPod touch: Free, download Where's My Holiday? free here
Android (Google Play): Free, download Where's My Holiday? free here

Where's My Holiday? GamePlay Video (HD)


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