Friday, January 4, 2013

iTunes: 12 Days of Christmas Day 9

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas gifts (2013) Music album day 9, 3.5 stars

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas gifts

Day 9

Today, Apple gives an album away, which the same in all countries and that consists of two music videos and a normal number of a lesser known band.

The single The xxmas of the band The XX is perhaps a late Christmas present, anyway it's still free. No "All I Want For Christmas" or other Christmas Hip Hop songs, but fairly a quiet and thoughtful song. According to the reviews in the App Store "great music", "another great download", but also" not really my taste" and ''again a bad gift of Apple''.

The XX will be a familiar name to people who in 2012 were in the Lowlands festival. Two more gifts to go!


Worldwide: The xxmas - single (including 3 songs and 2 videos)


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