Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Om Nom: Candy Flick in real life

Om Nom: Candy Flick (2013) New game of Cut the Rope, 5 stars

Om Nom: Candy Flick logo

Om Nom: Candy Flick virtual

Cut The Rope has been expanding with Om Nom: Candy Flick, a new augmented reality game where you need to get the candy into the mouth of Om Nom. This time you have to deal with a virtual version of Om Nom. Two iOS devices are required, like an iPhone and an iPad. On the device with the largest screen you ensure that a picture of Om Nom visible. If you have only one device, it will also works, if you point the camera at the image of Om Nom. You'll need to print out an image that the game offers and than you point your camera at the image.

By sliding your finger across the screen to wipe you candy into the mouth of Om Nom stop. The farther away you are, the more points you earn. 


Per throw you can earn a maximum of 50 points. If you stand further away, it's of course more difficult. Om Nom: Candy Flick has a very different approach than the previous Cut the Rope game, the entire game is played out on a device. It's nice that Zeptolab for augmented reality has chosen, because after a few games with flying objects that genre seemed to have disappeared again. Aim of the game is to get the best candy thrower. Whether that works you can see through the scores and achievements in Game Center.

Zeptolab recently released a completely new game, Pudding Monsters. This game is paid and includes several in-app purchases. In this new game Om Nom: Candy Flick is not the case: you can download the game for free and there are no jars with coins or other extras to buy. In Pudding Monsters they introduced for the first time new characters. Conclusion great game, enjoy!

Om Nom: Candy FlickOm Nom: Candy Flick


iPhone: free, download Om Nom: Candy Flick (universal app)
iPad: free, download Om Nom: Candy Flick (universal app)
iPod touch: free, download Om Nom: Candy Flick (universal app)
Android (Google Play): Coming soon

Om Nom: Candy Flick Video Gameplay (HD)


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