Sunday, February 3, 2013

CalypsoCase: Suitable for iPhone/iPod touch

CalypsoCase (2013) iPhone/iPod touch opens doors with NFC-Technology

CalypsoCase (2013) iPhone/iPod touch opens doors with NFC-Technology

Calypso Case to protect your stuff

here are some areas where not everyone may enter. For example, a server room or a hobby room where your collect expensive stuff. The Calypso Case was released this week, as a new solution for access security. It works with NFC, the technology that after an endless rumors still not used in the iPhone. Calypso chose a cover that closes tight around the iPhone and contains a CalypsoKey.

This is actually just an NFC chip, with the ability to open doors. The CalypsoKey replaces a set of keys, which no app required for the case and you don't have to recharge the case. The CalypsoKey has two antennas and operates on two frequency bands. There are several applications, but the manufacturer can see it primarily as a means of access. The manufacturer has made CalypsoKey suitable for three types iPhone cases (Ring Calypso, Calypso Calypso Loop and Convertible), unfortunately, pretty expensive. Expect a price between $ 90 and 150 dollars per case, made ​​of genuine leather and is well finished. Probably there are few people who will use this solution to their main door, but for confined spaces can this CalypsoCase easily be used for.

CalypsoCase Video demo (HD)


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