Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Amazon takes a Swing on iPad in advertising

Amazon targets on iPad in advertising (2013) Kindle Fire HD $299 vs iPad $499

Amazon takes on Apple in advertising (2013) Amazon targets on Apple iPad

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 VS Apple iPad

Amazon has another Apple iPad publicly attacked. The iPad Mini was previously the victim and now Amazon is aiming his arrows on the iPad with Retina display. 

In an advertising video, that Friday was published, compare the company's Kindle Fire HD 8.9 with the latest iPad. Amazon admits that both devices: the Kindle Fire and the iPad with Retina display ''both have large, stunning HD screens. you may not be able to tell the difference, but your wallet definitely can.'' Says the voice-over. The iPad will cost in the United States $ 499, while the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 get sold for $ 299. 


The pixel density of the screen is indeed very close to each other. The iPad with a Retina display has 264 pixels per inch and Kindle Fire HD 254 pixels per inch. Of course there are more differences. So the iPad is 9.7 inches a lot bigger than the 8.9-inch tablet from Amazon.

Immediately after the launch of the iPad Mini in October Amazon placed on the front of the store already an advertisement about the price of the Apple tablet.


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