Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rumors: Apple iWatch/Smart Watch with curved glass

iWatch (2013) Apple working on 'Smart Watch' with glass

Apple working on iWatch with curved glass, release date 2013/2014


There are new rumors about a so-called smart watch from Apple. The device would be made of curved glass. That report the Wall Street Journal as the New York Times.


Apple would have discussed the plans with supplier Foxconn. Currently, the first watches being tested at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. The iWatch, according to the sources will work on iOS operating system, which the same as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on. In addition, Google is also interested in developing a smart watch.

iWatch can read iPhone E-mails and messages

A concept version of the iWatch from Apple that can be seen above is not the official design from Apple. The expectation is that the watch some features of the Apple iPhone take over. For example, e-mails and messages. According to the sources of the New York Times, the device will be made of flexible glass. The picture in this article is a concept created by a designer. It's not a leaked picture of how the device from Apple would look like. Apple was not available for comment.


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