Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dungelot Temporarily free

Dungelot (2013) Paid app gone free for iOS/Android

Dungelot iOS/Android free

Dungelot iOS/Android temporarily free

The challenging iOS/Android game Dungelot is temporarily available for free. Dungelot is a mix between a old-fashioned role play games and Minesweeper: by tapping on the boxes of a grid, you'll see what lies behind this. This can provide a wealth, but also a sample or a trap. By finding the door and the associated key, diggin yourself deeper into the Dungeon and fight against increasingly stronger monsters. In the game you'll fight vs warriors, wizards and robbers.

Dying in Dungelot is not a big problem: the game encourages even with a message, when you open the app. All the money you have earned, you can buy new stuff to make your character stronger. Dungelot was a while ago Also available for free. We can not say how long the game will remain free. Look always good if the offer still Applies, before you click the download button.


iPhone/iPod touch: Download Dungelot free here (free, from $ 1.99, iOS 3.2+)
iPad: Download Dungelot free here (free, from $ 1.99, iOS 3.2+)
Android: Download Dungelot free here (free, from $ 0.99, Android 2.0.1+)


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