Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vodafone UK discourages upgrading to iOS 6.1

Problems with update iOS 6.1 on iPhone 4S (2013)

iPhone 4S problems after update to iOS 6.1

iPhone 4S problems after upgrade to iOS 6.1

The recent update of the Apple iOS operating system seems to have caused problems for users with an iPhone 4S. 

The British Department of provider Vodafone reports to customers that there may be with bugs with 3G coverage after the upgrade. Also calling and texting would be go difficult. While the bug is solved by Apple, Vodafone discourages customers to upgrade to iOS 6.1.

Battery Life 

According to The Next Web, not only iPhone 4S, but also other versions of Apple iPhone may suffer from bugs by iOS 6.1. Especially the battery life would be damaged by the update. 

Be possible that problems caused by a bug in the Exchange servers, which update E-mail and calendar of users. According to ZDNet make the iPhone constantly contact with the server. There might be something go wrong when you synchronize items on the calendar. 

Apple has not responded yet to the problems. Also It is not known when a new iOS update appears. Until the bug is fixed, users are advised to not upgrade to iOS 6.1.


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