Saturday, February 23, 2013

iOS/Android Apps Gone Free

Paid iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android apps for free!

iOS/Android apps gone free

Tiny Monsters

In Tiny Monsters you have access to a piece of land where you need to collect sorts of little monsters. You start by building a couple of cages and then you can buy eggs where after a while your first monsters will crawl. You must raise these monsters and when the samples are large enough, you can breeding the samples in order to discover new species. The game is rather slow. Sometimes you have to wait for hours before an egg hatches or a cage is ready.


iPhone/iPad: Download Tiny Monsters free here (free, from $ 0.99, iOS 4.3+)
Android: Download Tiny Monsters free here (free, from $ 0.99, Android 2.1+)


InstaCollage is an addition to the known photo app Instagram. With InstaCollage Pro you can make your favorite photos into a beautiful collage. You can choose in the menu from a couple of designs for your collage, so there are designs for two photos, but also for three, four or more photos. When you have selected a design, it's time to add your photos. Press an empty area in the collage and choose the picture you want to add. When a picture is added, it is possible to effect or add text. When you InstaCollage is ready, you can share it with your friends through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also just save the collages naturally on your phone.


iPhone/iPad: Download InstaCollage Pro free here (free, from $ 0.99, iOS 4.3+)
Android: Download InstaCollage Pro here (not official, free, from $ 0.99, Android 2.1+)

More free iOS and Android apps

iPhone/iPad: Download Yumby Smash free here (free, from $ 0.99, iOS 5.1+)
Android: Download Yumby Smash free here (free, from $ 0.99, Android 2.3+)

iPhone/iPad: Download Gun Bros 2 free here (free, from $ 0.99, iOS 4.3+)
Android: Download Gun Bros 2 free here (free, from $ 0.99, Android 2.3+)


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