Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plants vs. Zombies free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Plants vs. Zombies Apple's free App of the Week

 Plants vs. Zombies Apple's free App of the Week. Plants vs Zombies app gone free. This means you can download the game free on iPhone, iPad & Android

Plants vs. Zombies app gone free

Yes, finally. For the first time in the game's history on iOS, Plants vs. Zombies has gone for free. The famous iOS game Plants vs. Zombies is Apple's App of the Week. This means that you can download the game for both iPhone and iPad for a week for free. In Plants vs. Zombies you build a garden with deadly plants, to keep the zombie invasion out of your home. The longer you play, the more plants you get and how varied your strategy can be. 

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense game. There are a lot of games like this one available in the App Store, but Plants vs. Zombies is by lot of people as the best strategic game app. The game is already for three years available the App Store and has been a top seller for both devices. The iPad version was one of the first great games. As we said earlier: Plants vs. Zombies is just one week available for free. We suspect that the offer after February 28 will be canceled. It is however always wise to check if the price offer is still for free, before you press on the download button on the App Store.


iPhone/iPod touch: Download Plants vs. Zombies free here (free, normally $ 2.99, iOS 4.3 +) 
iPad: Download Plants vs. Zombies HD free here (Free, normally $ 6.99, iOS 3.2 +)
Android (Google Play): Download Plants vs. Zombies here ($ 2.99, Android 2.1 +)


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