Saturday, March 2, 2013

KLM Announces iOS Game App

KLM will launch the iOS game: ''Manage your own airline''

Airline KLM iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android game app

KLM iPhone/iPad/Android Game

Airline KLM will launch its own iPhone, iPad and Android game, as you can read on the KLM site. It seems to be a time management game, like Flight Control: In the game you control your own airline, with an international network of flights. You should try to keep the planes running. "We believe that actions speak louder than tweets," says KLM. And ''experience how to run an airline''. The game will be available for free. 

A name has not yet been published, only a trailer, which can be seen below. Those who are interested can register on the web of KLM to be kept informed. The game will be available this spring. On the Facebook page of KLM seems the game is already quite in taste, considering the number of likes.


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