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Android Apps Gone Free (2013) Rail Rush, Real Racing 3

Android Apps for Free - Android Apps Gone Free

Rail Rush is an Android free gameRail Rush
Category: Games
Price: Free

Rail Rush is an Android game where you drive in a cart along the rails. The aim is to get as far as possible and collect as much as possible coins. On the track are many obstacles you have to dodge and sometimes stops the railroad, so you must jump to another railroad. 

By swiping your device to the left or right side of the screen. This way you lean to the left or right side in order to catch the gold. The gold can then redeem for upgrades and power-ups. Note that between the upgrades are also in-app purchases. These are often quite expensive and are not necessary to enjoy this game. 


Android (Google Play): download Rail Rush free here (free, rating 4.2, Android 2.2+)

Acronyms free Android game appAcronyms
Category: Productivity
Price: Free

Acronyms is an app that lets you simply search for the meaning of abbreviations. So when you read an abbreviation and you don't know the meaning, then enter it in the Acronyms app and the app gives you a list of possible meanings, with the most obvious meanings on the top. The app offers few optionsbut for searching of abbreviations is this the perfect app.


Android: download Acronyms free here (free, rating 4 Adroid version 2.2+) 

Real Racing 3 Android free app iconReal Racing 3
Category: Games
Price: Free

The exciting sequel to Real Racing 2 is released and has better gameplay and graphics than its predecessor. I don't like racing games, but even Real Racing 3 has convinced me. It's as if you are actually racing against each other. 

The game is avilable for free, but the in-app purchases are pretty expensive. If you want faster better cars racing, you unfortunately need to do in-app purchases


Android: download Real Racing 3 free here (free, rating 4.1, Android version 2.3.3+)

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