Monday, March 25, 2013

Apple buys indoor navigation company Wifi Slam

Apple Maps and iWatch better with GPS service WiFi-Slam

Apple buys indoor navigation company Wifi Slam
Apple has acquired WiFiSLAM, a company that use WiFi signals to identify the location of a smartphone accurately. It provide accuracy with up to 2.5 meter. The company make use of WiFi signals from routers that are already present inside a building. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple acquired the company for around $ 20 million. Apple has already confirmed the acquisition but will not indicate what the purpose of the acquisition. On the picture below, you can see that the solution also works on Android devices. 

Apple and Android GPS serviceThe plan is to add indoor navigation to its mapping service. Google Maps supports that already, making it easier to find your way in large buildings, but the building is of course already been mapped.

A company were Apple already is working with is Skyhook. Which also makes use of WiFi signals to determine locations, without a GPS chip. But there is a difference: Skyhook focuses on outdoor applications. In 2011, founder Atreya explained how the technology works: users collect the data by walking around the building. And phone must connect to WiFi. It is of course interesting where Apple will use this for.


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