Monday, March 4, 2013

Google is working on faster Android browser

Google Chrome Speed up on Android

Google Chrome Speed Up on Android

Google Chrome faster on Android

Seems Google want to use cloud technology to speed up the Chrome browser on Android devices. Google is experimenting with a new data compression proxy feature. A Similar feature is already used by: Opera Turbo browser and Amazon Silk. Due to run web traffic via Google's servers, can data be compressed, which ensures faster page loads.


The new feature is being tested in the latest version of the open source Chromium browser, which is often used as a test for future Chrome versions. When the feature will released, is still unclear. Also, it is unknown whether this standard will be turned on. That was by Amazon Silk possible, which led to the end of 2011 privacy concerns among American Congressmen, who were afraid that the Internet traffic of Kindle Fire users might be intercepted and monitored.

Android: Download Google Chrome free here (free, Android 2.1 +)


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