Sunday, March 17, 2013

Intel may get 10% of Apple's A7 Chip Orders!

Rumor: Intel could land 10% of Apple's A7 chip orders

Intel may get 10% of Apple's A7 Chip Orders!

iPhone 5S with Intel A7 chip

Intel may get 10% of the production of Apple's A7 chip orders. This claim investors across Digitimes. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), will produce a considerable part of the new chips, they would be responsible for 40% of all A7 processors, while Samsung receive 50% of Apple's A7 orders. And Intel will grab the remaining 10%. Apple has reportedly been looking to move its chip production contracts away from Samsung.

iPhone 5S Intel A7 The junction of the A7-production is currently still a rumor. Apple has not announced anything. DigiTimes cites only investors, which means that it is probably not going about an anonymous source within the Apple production chain as is normally the case.  

Probably are the negotiations for the A7 processor is still at an early stage. However, it is interesting that Intel is cited as a possible manufacturer. Previously showed that even Intel has been in talks with Apple about the possible production of iPhone chips. 

Apple has not yet announced the the A7 processor and the iDevice (iPhone 5S or 6). The iPhone 5 has an A6 chip, which could mean that the iPhone 5S gets an A7 chip. Apple will probably released the iPhone 5S this summer.


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