Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rumor: 'iPhone 5S and iPad 5 release June 29, 2013'

Apple iPhone 5S and iPad 5 new release date

Rumor: 'iPhone 5S and iPad 5 release June 29, 2013'
Apple will announce the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 at a event on June 29, 2013. Six years after the appearance of the first iPhone in the United States. This claim two independent sources towards technology Gizmorati site. The iPhone event, will get the name 'Original Passion, New Ideas'.

Previously showed the agenda of 'Moscone Center' that Apple will organize the event between 10 and 15 June, 2013. According to earlier rumors will Apple announce the new iPhone and iPad in August of this year.

The name 'Original Passion, New Ideas' may have a double meaning. The iPhone 5 was the last iPhone where Steve Jobs worked on intensively, which Apple is now starting to reach a point where they have to do without his vision.


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