Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Joyride: Playing iPhone & Android Apps While Driving

Soon driving a car while you play iPhone & Android apps? Yes!

Joyride: Playing iPhone & Android Apps While Driving

Joyride new iPhone and Android game for in the car

Everyone agrees: playing iPhone and Android game apps in the car is not safe. But it is also a truth that driving can be very boring. The creators of Joyride therefore invented something: Android games that you can play while you're driving. You can look at the road and keep your hands on your steering wheel. According to the creators of Joyride it is just as safe as listening to the radio or a call by using a hands-free headset. In order to demonstrate the idea they have built a quiz for iPhone and Android devices, which will release in a few months.

Joyride: Playing iPhone & Android Apps While DrivingJoyride: Playing iPhone & Android Apps While Driving
You listen to the question and answered the questions with your voice. You can also play against others, but the multiplayer is asynchronous, so you don't have to be online at the same time. Jeff Chen, one of the creators of Joyride, made earlier the app Skyvi (Android app), which has already more than 5 million users. They also made Facebook apps which is purchased by Zynga. Joyride is the latest project, which is made by a team of four people with a budget of $ 1,000,000. The app is currently not finished yet.

You get access to all kinds of entertainment content, while you keep your on the steering wheel. So, they not only attract the attention of phone developers, but also car manufacturers who invent all kinds of ways to expand their entertainment with many new features. See below for the video.


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