Sunday, March 3, 2013

Real Racing 3: Game App of the Week

Real Racing 3 App Gone Free for iPhone/iPad & Android 

Real Racing 3 App Gone Free for iPhone/iPad & Android

Real Racing 3 free on iPhone/iPad & Android

Long awaited, yet received. But in a completely different form than anyone expected. Real Racing 3 is the best racing game on iPhone/iPad and Android devices, with a wealth of real cars, real tracks, amazing visuals and great control. If you want to brake, gas, or some help? It's all set in the racing game. The game as 46 cars, 8 different race types and over 900 events for player to compete in. An achievement, but Real Racing 3 has a downside. So, you must pay for every auto repair and car maintenance, and you have to wait until you can continue the race too. 

Furthermore, if you have a second car, you can race with the second car, while you repair the other, in a race. And don't forget the best feature of freemium: you can play the game for free, without paying anything! 

Unfortunately, Real Racing 3 has not the extensive Multiplayer from part 2. But, the best driving, looking and embracing speed racing game on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices is just available for free.


iPhone/iPod touch: Download Real Racing 3 free here (free, iOS 4.3 +)
iPad: Download Real Racing 3 free here (free, iOS 4.3 +)
Android: Download Real Racing 3 free here (free, Android 2.3.3 +)


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