Monday, March 18, 2013

Simpsons Tappet Out Free Donuts & in-app purchases

The Simpsons Tappet Out free donuts - free in-app purchases iPhone, iPad and AndroidThe Simpsons Tappet Out free donuts - free in-app purchases

The Simpsons Tappet Out free donuts and free in-app purchases

In the Simpsons Tappet Out you can buy donuts to buy money and build faster buildings. Unfortunatly, are the free in-app purchases pretty expensive, so costs 2400 donuts $ 99.99. No problem, you don't have to pay for the donuts. We have tested it and it worked. Let's start with tutorial. We will explain two methods. First works also for Android and is no Jailbreak needed. In the second well.

1. Simpsons Tappet Out 10 Free Donuts Android no Jailbreak

Find Homer Simpsons. Tap on Homer so that his activity list opens. Now, tap on Homer 10 times. If you've done it correctly, a message will appear and give you 10 extra donuts.

2. Simpsons Tappet Out unlimited free donuts and free in-app purchases 

NOTE: In order to make use of this method you must have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 1
Open Cydia, and go to the tab Manage and then click on Sources.

Open Cydia, and go to the tab Manage and then click on Sources.

Step 2
In the Sources section, click on Edit in the top right under the battery rate and click then on the Add button. 

Step 3

Enter the following link: and then let it load, till is ready.

Step 4
Go back into Cydia and search for ''iAP Cracker''. If you can't find it, go to the Insanelyi Source and download it from there.

That's all! This works for almost all apps. Keep following us for the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android news, tricks and tips.

Note: It won't ask for an iTunes login when you make a purchase. If it does, cancel it, because then it's not working.


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