Friday, March 29, 2013

Smartphone Users Check Facebook 14 Times a Day!

Smartphone Users Check Facebook 14 Times a Day

Facebook iPhone & Android addicts

Smartphone users with a Facebook account checking on an average day 14 times the social network. 61% opens the app at least once a day. According to a research between IDC and Facebook, among 7,446 Americans with an iPhone or Android smartphone. 

Of the respondents (between 18 and 44 years), indicated 70 percent that they use Facebook on their smartphone. Average checking these people 13.8 times the updates in the Facebook app. And spent 32.5 minutes a day of their time in the app.


This is not the most popular activity on a smartphone. Thus, 78% of the people use also their smartphone for sending an E-mail, and 73% surf the web with it. 

Also, the research shows that 79% of the respondents check within fifteen minutes after they wake up their smartphone. 62% couldn't even wait!


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