Monday, April 1, 2013

Apple iRadio Coming this Summer

Apple iRadio will launch by June of this Year, Apple Radio

Apple iRadio: Apple radio streaming service

Apple is making progress with iRadio, Apple's rumored streaming radio service. The Verge writes in an article about the music industry. "Much has been written about Apple's plan to launch a Pandora esque service this year,'' writes the site. "Now multiple music industry insiders have told, that significant progress has been made in the talks with two of the top labels: Universal and Warner.'' One of the sources said there is no doubt about it anymore: ''iRadio is coming.'' Apple is pushing hard to launch the radio service this summer. 

Already a year there is talked of a private radio service from Apple. That would not only be a competitor of Pandora, but also the much more popular Europe Spotify. Bloomberg predicted that iRadio will launch in the first quarter of 2013, but with two days to go, is the chance almost gone. 

Apple iRadio on iPhone, iPad & iPod touchAt the same time there were also regular rumors that the plans would be postponed, Because Apple was unable to come to an agreement with music labels. A prove that Apple is workin on a radio service: there were two new radio buttons found in iOS 6 on the iPad (see screenshot). But that was already a few months ago.


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