Friday, April 19, 2013

Amazon Appstore coming to 200 other countries

Amazon Appstore expanding their Android Appstore!

Amazon Appstore coming to 200 other countries
The Amazon Appstore, similar to Google Play is an app store for Android apps. This is very similar to the Google Play store (Android market), but the apps are sometimes different. Another difference is that is that it gives a paid app for free every day. This is also a great advantage of the Amazon App Store.

Amazon Appstore
The Amazon Appstore is currently only available in a limited countries, but the Amazon Appstore is coming soon to more than 200 countries, such as: Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and South Africa. For users seems competition in the field of appstores a good idea: if the appstores can compete this for example to ensure that the services are better and that there may come more (payment) opportunities. The Kindle Fire is already using the Amazon Appstore.


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