Sunday, April 21, 2013

Space Age App for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android

Creators of The Incident Working on a new app 'Space Age'

Space Age App for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android

The creators of the popular game 'The Incident' work on something new. The game will be called 'Space Age' and takes place in space. Space Age is a combination of real-time strategy game, an adventure game and an action game. There is again selected for a 8-bit graphics, but the story is different. This time you do not have to escape from a disaster. 

Instead, put your foot on an unknown planet, where you have to build a civilization. There is changeable weather and you have to dig rare commodity. There is an official web page, where you can register for further updates (but you can also read the latest game updates on

Space Age App for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android Gameplay
Neven Morgan and Matt Comi of Bigbucket, tell that it: "A sort of love letter to the kind of games we enjoyed playing growing up. It's a lot of bigger and more ambitious than 'The Incident' and we hope you're going to like it,'' they said. 

They have made two videos, see​​ below, one of which explains how the MagTruck works. This is a vehicle that digs metal of the alien planet. The MagTruck can independently find metal and dodging others. Once the container is full, the light goes out on top. 

Are you excited for the upcoming application? Let us know in the comments. See below for the videos and download link for 'The Incident'.


iPhone, iPod touch: Download The Incident here ($2.99, iOS 4.3+)
iPad: Download The Incident here ($2.99, iOS 4.3+)
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android: Space Age, Coming soon


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