Saturday, April 20, 2013

Take It Easy Free Apple's App of the Week

Take It Easy Available for free on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Take It East free app

Take It Easy 

By selecting an App of the Week, Apple looks regular to games and this week is no exception. The credit goes this time to Take It Easy, the iOS version of a board game made ​​by Ravensburger. The title is an honor for the developer, but also for our is that good news: Apple's App of the Week is always a week free of charge, which means we can download Take It Easy until Thursday, April 25 free from the App Store. 

In Take It Easy you must give a hexagons a color. Each hexagon has three stripes of different colors, but you have to put everything that you get on the board. Colors that you can't use you should put them away, so they don't impact you. You can play Take It East on your own, but also with friends. For online Multiplayer, you should leave the app open. Asynchronous multiplayer as Wordfeud is not applicable.


iPhone/iPod touch: Download Take It Easy free here (free, from $ 1.99, iOS 4.3+)
iPad: Download Take It Easy free here (free, from $ 1.99, iOS 4.3+)
Android (Google Play): Not available yet
Amazon Appstore: Not available yet


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