Friday, May 31, 2013

Apple Introduces a New iPod touch: 4 inch Retina Display for $229

Apple Introduces a New iPod touch: 4 inch Retina Display for $229

Cheaper iPod touch

Without notice, Apple has just released a new model iPod touch. It is a stripped down version of the 5th generation iPod touch. The budget variant differs in some ways from his big brother. The iPod has 16 GB of storage (compared to 32 or 64 GB in regular touch), there is no iSight camera at the back, but a FaceTime HD camera on the front. The screen and processor are not adapted to the 5th generation iPod Touch. 

Apple Budget/Cheaper iPod touch features
The entry-level iPod touch is almost $ 100 cheaper than the high-end 5th generation. The price is $ 229. The budget version is available in black and silver. 

Apple came quite suddenly with the new iPod touch: there was no event where it is announced, but it suddely appeared in the online Apple Store. Earlier this year we saw Apple use the same tactic with the 128GB model of the fourth generation iPad.

Official link: The new budget iPod touch


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