Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catapult King: Available for Free

Catapult King free for Android and cheap for iPhone

Catapult King: Available for Free

Catapult King 

Catapult King is a kind of a 3D version of Angry Birds, but without birds. In Catapult King you shoot with a huge slingshot on forts and castles and you need to hit the knights which are hidden in the castles. To help you, you can use additional power-ups, such as meteors and tornadoes. Catapult King is cheerful, and features a cartoon-like appearance. 

There are dozens of levels available and these are getting harder and harder. The game is available for free on Android devices. Unfortunately, is the iPhone and iPad version not available for free. This costs $ 0.99.


iPhone/iPad: download Catapult King here ($ 0.99, iOS 4.3 or later)
Android: download Catapult King free here (free, Android 2.3 or later)


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