Thursday, May 16, 2013

LIVE: Google Maps get Big Update this Summer

Google Maps get Big Update this Summer

Google Maps big update for iPhone, iPad and Android

LIVE from San Francisco. Google announced at Google I/O a major update to the Google Maps app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app gets a new card design, extensive reviews of locations and 'incident alerts' in navigation. The entire look of the Google Maps app is changed with the update, for example buildings change in 3D when you zoom in on the Map. 

The new Google Maps app also provides more social integration. In locations such as restaurants example, you can immediately see reviews from other users. The numerical rating (1 to 5) is already visible on the card itself and in the summary of the restaurant you can read extensive reviews. It also includes links to reviews outside of Google Maps, such as the appreciation site Zagat. There will also be a new ''Explore'' button in Maps. If you are in a location where you are not known, you can ask this specific recommendations for attractions, dining or even concerts. 

Google Offers also get extensive integration, in Google Maps you can see which Starbucks the coffee is on sale at that time. Google Maps gives you finally 'incident warnings' if you use the navigation feature. Maps get current updates on accidents or road and can warn you before. You get also proposed a new route. The new Google Maps app coming this summer.


iPhone/iPod touch: Download Google Maps free here (free, iOS 5.1+)
iPad: Download Google Maps free here (free, iOS 5.1+)
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