Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tip: Broken iPhone out of warranty exchange at Apple

iPhone dropped in water/broken iPhone: Exchange at Apple?

Tip: Broken iPhone out of warranty exchange at AppleYour iPhone may just break down: you drop the iPhone or the iPhone accidentally dropped in the water. Don't have phone insurance and no more warranty, then you're in a financial disaster. A new iPhone will cost a few hundred dollars. But, there is a solution that you're probably better off, namely offering the iPhone for repair at the Apple Store. 

It can also act when the iPhone got a big damage that total repair is no longer possible. It costs around $ 310 for the iPhone 5 and about $ 195 for older devices. You get a refurbished iPhone and in many cases even a brand new iPhone. 

Please note that it is the following situation: 
* The iPhone is beyond repair. 
* There is no device insurance. 
* There is no warranty. 

In this case you have to foot the bill yourself and you would have to buy a completely new iPhone but you can be better off. Using the exchange system from Apple. This article is only meant to indicate a normal and perfectly legal way to exchange it for a working copy through the exchange scheme.


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