Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2020: My Country: How would your city look like?

2020: My Country free iPhone & Android app

2020: My Country free iPhone & Android app

If you should arrange your own city how would you do it? Is your country an industrial superpower or do you prefer the welfare and happiness of your residents in the first place? 

2020: My Country can now determine this all by yourself. 2020: My Country is a game where it is your task to build a city in the year 2020. However, building this city is not without a struggle, because during the building of the city you will have to make choices. The choices range from the type of businesses that you build in your city or the way you generate power for the citizens. These choices will have consequences for the way your city is alive. 

The game is a great designed app and is without doubt the most comprehensive game of its kind. In the beginning of the game you  sometimes wait four hours until the new building is completed in your city. 

In short 

In short 2020: My Country is a extensive game where you can build your own city. The game is beautifully designed and there is even thought about the smallest things. Unfortunately, you have to have some patience until your buildings are completed.

Download 2020: My Country free on iPhone, iPad & Android

iPhone/iPad: Download 2020: My Country free here (iOS 5.1+, free, 4 stars)
Android: Download 2020: My Country free here (Android, free, 4.5 stars)


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